About Us

Rise The Pinnacle with Himalai

Himalai is one of the leading coaching institutes for the Indian Administrative Service Examinations, which has been in operation since 1998. It started off the journey of educating students and helping them in clearing the IAS examination. All of our students started their career in the most prestigious domain and we instill in them the urge to serve the nation with ethics and responsibility.

The institution originated in Karnataka with only five students, but with the smart and sanguine preparation methods, it soon became the one of the most sought after coaching institutes for the IAS examinations.

“Add wings to your dreams” is our Motto

We encourage the students to think innovatively and out of the box, and we facilitate that by incorporating interactive sessions among the teachers and the students, regular mock test and mock interview sessions in exam type environment along with stress management techniques.
We say “nothing is impossible”, if one is determined to achieve the goal and persevere in the right direction.Our profound teachers take the responsibility of shaping the careers of the students in the best government services with:

Interesting teaching methods

Simple notes that are updated from time to time

Technology based teaching for easy understanding

Personalized attention to every student

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To Introduce Dynamic and skilled youth into government sectors as decision making officers

Affordable, Accessible, Qualitative Education to all the aspirants from remotest place to Metropolitan Cities in India

Our teaching methodology is an integrated approach comprising of the following methods:

  • Smart classes equipped with projectors for interesting learning experience.
  • Hand-outs of comprehensive and concise notes in hard copy and soft copy formats.
  • All extra study materials including books and study materials are provided from the institute.
  • Provision of online test series for those who cannot attend the class tests.
  • Accommodation of maximum of thirty to fifty students per batch

The above approach is common for preparation of all the types of examinations, viz. UPSC, Banking and KPSC. Besides this the course structure only varies according to the syllabus and other requirements of each course.



Clear understanding of concepts and enabling students to analyse each and every topic in light of the present scenario.

Step 2

Preparing notes in exam oriented manner for the ease of revision during the exams.

Step 3

Mock exams in the actual environment to familiarize students with the pressure of the final day and train them to manage the pressure and give their best shots.

Step 4

Answer discussion session which forms a major part of doubt clearing technique and enriching the students with the best knowledge in the field.

Our Approach

Since its inception, Himalai has kept the exam pattern in the core while designing the strategies for the students to be successful. With the changes in the pattern of the questions that are being asked and the weightage that is given to each section, the teachers have always upgraded their teaching and evaluating methods.

About Team

The team comprises of eminent personalities from the field of civil services and banking. They not only have the concise idea about the subjects but are also experienced about the associated pressure that the students face during the preparation time and when the results are about to come out. They help the students to prepare their lessons, also impart knowledge about the current problems faced by the country to develop their ethical aspects and make them responsible towards the country. Specialised teachers are available for each and every subject inclusive of the optional and the language papers.